Thursday, August 22, 2013

What went wrong with Once Upon a time in Mumbaai Dobaara?

OUATIMD had everything in it --  A-listed banner (Balaji Films), a superstar  and a heroine, who has just delivered a career-defining performance(Lootera) in her previous film.

Plus, the first film Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai was a big success.

So what went wrong with Dobaara? The film has decidedly under-performed at the box office.

There are quite a few reasons, and the main villain was not SRK's Chennai Express.

Many people from the film industry  and me too believe that Akshay Kumar was not the right choice for the movie at all. Akshay kumar is a king of comdey and no body can beat him in that department, so he should have focused on that only. Also the Film's director milan luthria should have also thought that Akshay can not be portrayed as a mean, witty and negative guy. In real-life also, Akshay is a very positive person and it reflects in his personality also.
 The charisma of a DON which AJAY DEVGN or Vivek Oberoi brings on the silver screen can not be copied by any actor for ages be it Salman, Aamir or Shahrukh.
Although an actor should not stick to a fixed department but still every one has a upper hand in a certain field.
Lets say Shahrukh has an upper hand in Romance which no body can portray, Vivek or Ajay has upper hand in Don type roles. Aamir is experimental.
 People were used to see that fire in the eyes of Ajay Devgn in a DON avatar in Once Upon a time in Mumbaai-1.
Akshay tried his best but he could not bring back that charisma of Ajay in his role. Even the role of Sheob which Akshay is continuing in the installment was classically played by Emraan Hashmi. This was perhaps Emraan's career best performance.

Emraan Hashmi, who played Akshay's part in the first film, should have encored his role. “The sequel should have been made with Emraan in the lead. Casting Akshay made the costing impractical. If Emraan was lead in OUATIMD, it would have cost Rs 20 crores less and hence would have been more commercially viable. I don’t think any great purpose was served by casting Akshay in Emraan’s role,"
Trade analyst Komal Nahata feels it wasn’t the comparison between the two films that did OUATIMD in but its comparatively inept screen timings in theatres. "Cinemas allotted maximum shows to Chennai Express. OUATIMD suffered due to poor programming in the cinemas. But Chennai Express per se did not affectOUATIMD.

Also the music of the film was not at par. There was no such chartbuster which a person would take in his memories. The first installment had 'Pee loon' which rocked the charts in its time.

One point which several others missed it that casting Emraan as a DON was a foolishness. Imraan persona and over all looks does not allow him to do such negative roles. He has a chocolaty presence on screen and famous among girls. So portraying him as DON was inappropriate. According to me Shaheed Kapoor who was the first choice in place of Imran was absolutely fantastic if he would have been signed. No one can take away the career best brilliant performance of Kaminey from him in a negative role. But who can save a producer when his time is not good.

Well, I hope in future producers and directors will think and analyse before signing actors whether they fit for the role or not otherwise it will be a shame for both public and the actor.

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