Monday, October 14, 2013

The super-cyclone Phailin and How India succeeded in saving millions of life?

 Cyclone Phailin on sunday left a trail of destruction knocking down lacs of homes affecting nearly 90 lakh people and destroying paddy crops worth Rs 2400 cr , but Odisha and Andra Pradesh escaped from wide spread loss of lives.

As the largest evacuation efforts in the country's recent history helped keep casualties to the minimum, reports from the two states tonight said that 23 people died, all but two of them in Odisha. Most of the casualties were caused by wall collapse, uprooted trees and in floods.Communication links were vastly disrupted by the strong winds that went upto a speed of 220 kmph when the "very severe" cyclonic storm crossed the coast near Gopalpur last night and weakened before turning into a depression. Ganjam district in Odisha bore the brunt of the storm. 
The cyclone wrecked many coastal homes, uprooted trees and blocked roads in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha states. When the cyclone made the landfall, its speed went up to 250 KMPH with waves heighting up to a level of 3.5 metres.

The good point in this disaster is that only a total of 23 people died and that too including both odisha and Andhra Pradesh. All this happened due to the efforts Indian Govt put this time to save human lives. Indian Met Deptt.(IMD) told the state officials 5 days in advance that a super cyclone is coming to both Odisha and Andhra Pradesh on this date.
The respective state Govts. immediately issued red alerts in the areas that were going to be affected by the cyclone. Aound 10 million people were evacuated from their places and shifted to safe places in one of the India's biggest evacuation operations so far.
A total of 1200 in Odisha and 500 in Ahdra Pradesh national disaster response force officials were deployed for the operation. Indian Air force's Super Herculus planes were kept ready for any emergencies. Indian Navy was also put on high alert and navy was monitoring the proceeding very minutely. They were kept ready to ensure that no casuality happens in the sea. Fisherman were instructed no to go in sea for sometime, inspite of that some 18 fisherman went in sea and got stuck there, however , soon the officials saved all of them.
One would no doubt agree that human beings are still puppets in hands of god, and one can not dare to face his fury but what we can do is to keep ourselves prepared enough to reduce the loss of human lives. This time, India showed to whole world, what they are capable of and how they can unite themselves in the hard times. Only 23 causalities in such a big disaster is a matter of pride.(and too due to falling of trees and walls).

Although property and crops has been destroyed on a massive scale amounting up to  Rs. 2400 crores in both states but as we all know, property can be re-constructed again , human lives cant. !!.. It is better to let go of property, crops pr anything else rather than sacrificing human lives because they are precious and one can understand the plight of a family who looses a life in a tragedy.
Such a cyclone hit the same state Odisha in 1999 and that time India was not prepared for it resulting in a loss of 10000 lives but soon after that cyclone and also when Tsunami happened, India installed new generation high tech predicting devices in all the vulnerable areas that helps in monitoring all the sea and weather activity very minutely.
 Going in to the details of losses
 14,514 villages in 12 districts have been affected, hitting a population of 80,53,620.
Over 2.34 lakh houses have been damaged and more than 8.73 lakh people evacuated.

I was reading some newspapers of some countries like USA, UL and Australia , all were praising INDIA for its efforts in saving human lives this time and USA even offered its help if INDIA needed but INDIA was alone able to handle the situation .
Hope God shows less fury in future on his children and we all live in harmony.

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