Friday, September 13, 2013

DEC16 Delhi Gang rape case:Rarest of rare. Who needs to change to STOP all this?

While starting to write this post, I am thinking where to start from??
If you are not an Indian, You must be wondering who these four people are?..Let me refresh your memories, these four men excluding other two are the biggest devils living in INDIA till date and the crime they have committed is the rarest of rare.

It was 16 Dec, 2012 chilling winter night, a 23 year old good looking girl was returning home with her friend after watching a movie. It was around 9 PM. They were not getting any means of transport to reach home. They were waiting patiently when a tourist bus stopped in front of them and offered them a lift. They got in to bus and sit like every other co-passenger. They were even given travel ticket to make them feel that everything is authentic and something is not fishy.
But soon four people sitting in the bus started passing dirty comments on the girl and in a while, they started touching the girl. When the boy opposed all this, he was hit in the head by an iron road, so he fell unconscious.
Meanwhile the other two sitting in the driver's cabin also came and 6 of them committed the rarest possible crime. They first raped the girl brutally and on the top of that, they inserted an iron road in her vagina which ruptured all her private parts and intestines. The girl was shouting for her life, begging to them as she was bleeding profusely but the devils never heard in the darkness of lust.They also inserted a candle in her vagina that went in to her stomach later on. Even this was not enough for those beasts and they threw away both the girl(naked) and boy from the moving bus in chilling winter night near a lonely area.
After 20 minutes ,Policemen came when someone covered her with clothes and informed the police. The girl was soon taken to hospital. She was so brave that she was still fighting like a warrior and her breathe was still ON.
Soon she was taken to Singapore for treatment but she died. She was not in a position to talk or respond to anything in the days she suffered or lived after the crime.

A rage got spread all over the country and people came in thousands to protest against the crime.Candle march were held for many days  as such a rape was the very first to be happened in INDIA, this was indeed rarest of the rare crime. All the politicians, Policemen, Common man , every one had only one common opinion: PAINFUL DEATH for all the bastards!!.

Soon all the accused were caught by Police and they were taken in judicial custody. They were given third degree torture by police in jail and a charge-sheet was immediately submitted for their trial in court. Meanwhile one accused committed suicide in jail itself by hanging himself in fear of daily third degree tortures while one other who was a juvenile(not categorized as adult in India as he was below 18 yrs of age at the time of crime)
was given 3 years of rigorous punishment in a reform home cum jail.
The remaining 4 have been given death penalty today ,13 September 2013. They are to be hanged till death by the orders of the honorable court, Government of India.
This day will be marked as justice day in India.

 The court, while pronouncing the judgment said that, "It cannot turn a blind eye on the rising cases of sexual assault against women," and that the incident shook the "collective conscience of the society". The court said the case fell under rarest of rare category.
"Need to send a message that it will not be tolerated." 
-The judge

Today somewhere in heaven, the holy soul(the victim girl) must be smiling by hearing this verdict. According to my opinion even this punishment is very less for these culprits.
They will not feel the pain which the girl felt, they will not feel the torture under which she went through for almost 4 days. Their execution should be held in public where firstly their private parts should be ripped off by a knife and then public should be allowed to throw stones on them. Finally they should be either hanged till death or a shower of bullets should be fired on them all in public. By doing this, they will at-least come to know what she went through that day. The reason I am supporting the public punishment is that everyone can feel the shiver in his body that such a crime will not be tolerated in this country so that any pervert could think thousand times before doing all this.
Meanwhile one of the victim's wife says "This is injustice. Court should have at-least thought what would happen to me and my child". I ask this lady a question "Your husband should have also thought that day what would happen with the girl, her future and her parents??..Did he think about all this??..NO??"..then why mercy? why?

Today my heart is heavy and there are tears in my eyes for the brave girl but at the same time I am relieved that the bastards got the punishment for what they did.

There are illiterate and uncivilized people also who say "'Girls are responsible for rapes because they wear small clothes thus inviting men to rape'".
I want to warn all these stupid people that their mind is uncivilized and they have no right to live among humans, rather they should shift themselves to forests or mountains.
A girl is also a human being and has full liberty to wear or speak like any other citizen of the country. Laws are equal for both men and women in every nation. Indian constitution gives full freedom to every citizen (men/women) to wear what they want, speak what they want to.The dirt is in your eyes if you think so. You need to learn to think and behave like gentlemen. If a girl likes to wear small clothes, it is her choice; you are not her boss to tell what she should wear and what looks sensible.

The need of the hour is to educate our child at small age in a right manner. Sex education should be made compulsory in schools thereby bridging the gaps between adolescence and adulthood. Basic defense training should be given to girls at school level and it should be made a part of curriculum. Parents also need to open up with their children by removing the generation gap factor and talk to their children in a friendly manner. They should behave like friends with them not like their bosses. The need is to educate the people in right direction and giving more powers to woman.

Remember men are existing in this world due to women. If there is no women, there is no men. Woman is to be respected, not raped.Finally I say Change your mentality, educate your children and give powers to your women and there will be no rape.


-The country is with you. I am with you.


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