Thursday, September 12, 2013

Has Apple really lost its shine or the mojo?

A company that defines innovation , that has always introduced some path breaking devices can be substituted with Apple. Apple is Jobs'vision, Jobs' hard work and Job's passion.
A man who has the ability to think out of the box, who can stand again & again after falling down, a man who can start his another company after being thrown out from his own company, a man who has always excelled in every sphere of life is called STEVE JOBS.

No body in the world knew what a smartphone is until Jobs showed his invention Apple iPhone to world in 2007. iPhone was the first smartphone ever introduced in the mobile market and too with a proper Operating system running on it. iPhone brought a mind boggling revolution in the history of mobiles and changed the way people used to look towards phones. It integrated the capabilities of a Music player, a computer and phone in one device  on a big screen (at that time)with a dedicated app store from where user could download apps related to different categories from one place. Let me tell you this was a totally new idea which no one ever thought. Before the invention of iPhone, there was NOKIA which was dominating the mobile market, it has also some cool phones which had the capability of being called a semi-smartphones. You could run a few apps on it but they were not integrated at one place, they were rather scattered and you had to google out every app that was pain in the head.
People flocked outside Apple stores to buy the unique device and soon the iPhone was a blockbuster hit through out the world. 
Mac OS, iPod, iPad all these products are only one man's vision; Mr. Steve Jobs.
iPod gave users the unique and best in class music experience  whereas iPad almost replaced the laptops. 

Steve Jobs was a true visionary. He paved the way for others to think beyond the usual stuff and try something new.
But a dark day came in the history of the world when We had to say good bye to the founder of Apple. The date was 5 Oct, 2011.
The last product which had Jobs stamp on it was iPhone 5. Though Tim  Cook introduced it but its blueprint was originally developed by Jobs only.
Apple's fortunes have died with the death of Jobs. However hard you try but it is almost impossible to find a true innovator like him who could lead apple.
Seriously speaking I am not at all impressed by Tim Cook as a leader who can lead such a visionary and innovative company. Tim cook may be good but the world is still addicted to Jobs's enigma, his passion and his leadership under which Apple has come such a long way.
Remember, when you set your standards very high , people expect you to stay at the top. The day you stop innovating, your happier days are gone. Same is the case happening with Apple right now, Jobs had that ability to introduce a new unique device every year, but Cook is becoming repetitive in his approach.  After Jobs death, Tim has introduced iPad mini, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. If one looks closely, iPhone 5S is nothing but a minor upgrade from iPhone5. Giving some more power to processor, camera and a bunch of small here and theres are not Apple's cup of tea. Apple used to be at a place where others used to follow it blindly but now a time has come where apple needs to follow others.
Google's android OS is giving a tough time to Apple.Also SAMSUNG, the biggest rival to APPLE right now has become what Apple used to be at Jobs time. I really salute the way SAMSUNG has become hero from zero. In 2007, Samsung used to be called as a company which makes home appliances but when Google introduced its Android OS, its fortunes started rolling and not to say they have brought out so much innovation in every device they release that it has now become difficult to beat them. Look at they way they bring new innovations to there devices, who thought you can call a person directly by putting your phone to ear, who thought you can force your phone to look at you, who thought you can give your phone air gestures i.e not even touching your phone in reality, and who thought you could use stylus on a capactive touch phone. Samsung's galaxy S series have become a pain in neck for Apple. Samsung's Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note 2 , Note 3 are benchmark phones in terms of innovation. I need to assure you here that all these innovations are purely Samsung's own innovations which others are following now.
I feel ashamed to think that a company which Samsung followed in its earlier days is now forced to follow Samsung.
Tim Cook is neither good at marketing, nor at management and also innovation. 
Coming back to devices, iphone 5 C is nothing but duplicate copy of iPhone5 with a plastic case instead of aluminium. iPad mini is also a smaller version of bigger iPad which Jobs invented.
I want to ask one question?..What has Tim cook done after Jobs?
Answer according to me is 'NIL'. I will answer this question in positive the day Cook introduces a completely new device invented by him with out copying what Jobs has already left in the legacy.

Apple needs a strong personality  “There is a huge challenge and they are at the crossroads where Apple could become the next Microsoft.”
It’s still at the point where they might turn things around. They still have a strong brand. Investors have started moving away from Apple and if this continues, the day will not be far when Apple will become stagnant and will be seen as a local company rather than a luxurious brand.
R.I.P. Jobs...We will always miss you. :)

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