Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Trust and faith in the name of GOD is sold in INDIA

I am an Indian and I respect every aspect of India wholeheartedly. India is land where you can see diversity in every 50 km in terms of culture, language, colors, way of dressing etc.Sometimes, I feel proud that I am born in a country whose background is so diverse, whose history is filled with mythological facts, where rivers like Holy Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and Brahmaputra flows, where every state has a mythological connection and are flocked with pilgrims round the clock. Thousands of tourists come every year to learn meditation, learn the path of eternal peace and harmony .
As an Indian,One should be proud that India has suffered a lot at the hands of mughal emperors  and Britishers, yet it is called the major super power in the world.
I admit that there is a lot of corruption here but one has to admit a fact that in-spite of corruption, no country can achieve a status that India has today post independence.
In this particular post , I will talk about how trust and faith is sold in India which is very depressing for me.India is a country where people are very much connected to spirituality. In every day to day task, they find a connection to the spiritual angle; if some thing goes bad , they have committed a crime unknowingly and they think some god is not happy on them, if some thing goes smoothly, they call it miracle of god.
Why do every one connect each and everything with GOD???

Does God not have any other work?? No, Seriously, believing in almighty is a different thing but overloading yourself in every frame of your life with that factor is not good.
Every new a day, a new superstition comes in market spread by some random guy and people start believing it for eg: if a cat crosses your path, it is considered worse,,,what the heck???...Tomorrow if i say some mouse or dog has crossed my path and I got ill , will you believe it?
Superstitions are something that have gone deep in to our society. some of the famous superstitions are:
1. Do not dust your house with a broom at night.
2. Do not use your scissors in the air.
3. Do not cut your nails/hair on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
4. If you see some snake in the house, it is considered as some ancestor and he has come to remind you that you have to donate clothes for him.
I have one question. God is same everywhere and we all know that, why the hell God punish only Indians if they do something wrong?...why will only god harm an Indian if he cut his hair on Tuesday. These are baseless rumors which keep on spreading and even educated people start believing them.
Now coming to another point, some people use this fact as their advantage and try to fool you and you even get easily fooled, they sell your trust and faith easily.
Every day I see some baba or saint(as they say themselves although they are not) behind the bars for some wrong reasons; somebody is caught raping a child, somebody is caught talking to terrorists or somebody is caught giving suparis for murders.I would not like to name anyone but I am giving some examples how people are cheated in the name of God.

There is a baba(he says he has a third eye, the fact is he has not a third eye rather a third-grade perosnality) who charges around 5000 Rs(75 US $) for attending his monthly programme(for one time) and when people tell him about their problems, the cure told to them is like this"Eat a samosa with green sauce, God is obstructing his kindness from there, so eat samosa and your sorrows will be gone", '' Why have you worn a white shirt, from tomorrow wear a black shirt, your sorrows will be gone''.
There is baba who gives elementary education in his gurukuls and also teaches students. He has thousands of followers but in the backyard he is easily playing with girls and if someone tries to raise his finger, he is either killed under mysterious circumstances or his mouth is shut . These people have strong connections in the ministery and every where, so if something goes wrong against them, no body can do harm to them. They make their people stand in general public who will stand and start praising baba so that people think that Baba is indeed very powerful.
I have one question "Do people not have minds??? Do they not think before giving hard earned 5000 Rs to a baba who advises you to eat a samosa in exchange of 5000 Rs".
Every day when I go to a temple, I see people pouring over liters of milk on the Sivalinga . The saddest part is that he milk goes wasted and goes directly in to sewage. Why cant people understand that God will be more happy if you help a needy person who is also a creation of God. I bet even God  would not like this wastage, he would rather prefer this food packet or any fruit to be donated to a poor and needy person who requires it more than the sewage. The point again I am referring here is Why and how people connect everything happening in their life to some mythological fact. Dont you all think it silly to think that if you waste 1 liter of milk daily on sivalinga, you will be showered with the blessings of Shiva.

We all are the creation of the almighty be it human beings, snakes, fishes, aunts etc. We are required to live in harmony with the nature by helping each other in some way. If today you have money, tomorrow you can be a beggar, it all depends on your destiny and deeds. So dont you think it is our duty to help those who are poorer than you today , and I bet God will be more than happy to see you doing that. Just imagine, how much blessings you will get; first the person you are helping will bless you and so is God.
People go on religious places, donate their hair and think that they have done a very holy job but I would like to open your eyes here. The hair which you  donate are collected in bags and then exported to other countries to earn money. So they are even doing business by selling your hair, the only difference is that you think it in a mythological way and they think it in a business sense.
We need to understand that all these pandits, astrologers are just selling your trust and faith in the name of God. They are just doing their business in which you serve as their customers who they deceive on  daily basis by giving you some random prediction. Think it this way- If a Astrologer starts telling everyone that your fate is good, how will he earn money???...He will shower a little praise for you to keep you happy but at the same time he will tell you to do some preventive measures like buying a gemstone, cloth or ornament etc so that your sorrows will be gone. Do you know even if they do not recommend you a shop for buying these things, yet they have connections all over the city and have fixed commissions. As soon as they get to know that you are sent by XYZ astrologer, their work is done. So, It is to be understood that all people are doing business to earn their living.

It is high time we stop all this non sense and start something new. God never says you to donate your hair or to stay hungry for him or any other non sense task. He only wants you to help yourself so that you can help others to maintain the harmony with nature. The superstitions are to be ripped off and a new start has to be initiated and I am hopeful that the coming generations will understand this fact and they will certainly raise questions about the authenticity of these baseless superstitions.

Remember, there is a supreme soul that is controlling all the creatures in this world. For him, we are just human beings, we have divided ourselves as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian by our own. So be it Shiva or prophet or Jesus, the supreme soul is one and will always be the same. 

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